my name is Koen.
I’m a creative entrepreneur, illustrator, and thinker from The Netherlands.

A long time ago I studied two art schools in The Netherlands: The Design Academy and Grafisch Lyceum in Eindhoven. After that I had a hard time finding a good job in the creative industry, I’m talking early 2000 here. I became a front-end web developer for about 15 years. But this was much more technical. Years went by, more and more I felt an itch. I always knew what it was. It was me missing doing creative work again.

So in the summer of 2018, I quit my job and went on an inspiring journey as a creative entrepreneur. First, I made sure there was some money coming in by selling prints on print on demand websites. And from April 2019 I’m going to focus on creating a webcomic series called spaceoutcomics.

This all to pursue my dream, which is spending my time creating beautiful things.