Doing more of what makes you happy

I came across a great interview with Johnny Cupcakes via a Facebook post in ‘Michael Essek‘s T-Shirt Business Masterplan’ group. For those who don’t know Johnny Cupcakes. He’s the creator of the Johnny Cupcakes T-shirt brand. They are really great at creating awareness for their brand.

But this interview especially resonated with me because Johnny’s take on his business now he has his own family. Now time if far more important to him than money or making sales. Eventually, it’s all about family, health and time. Sometimes we forget and just want to make more money, but just being home with your family is the best.

The part I thought a lot about this week was Johnny saying ‘why not be OK with a certain amount of income‘ (time: 41:56). In my T-shirt selling business, I was used setting goals to get to a specific amount of sales or income. But I also want to have more time to pursue more creative things, like creating a webcomic or art. It’s very tempting to go for more sales an beat your previous numbers. But from now on, I will chase my creativity, not my money.

It’s a 2-hour long video, but it’s really worth looking into:
Delivering Surprise & Delight – Why Doing More Of What Makes You Happy Is The Secret To Branding

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