Learning facial expressions form Lego

I want to create a webcomic series and don’t know how to draw great facial expressions.
Hmmm, I think I have a problem there.
But as with all the problems they are here to be solved.

So I started thinking, how can I upgrade my facial expression skills.
There are a lot of tutorials out there.
But I did not want to spend hours to get to some really good tutorials.
Do I even need a tutorial?
Or do I just need some really good examples?

Then a little spark hit me.
When I was a kid I loved Lego, you know the building blocks for kids.
And having two sons of my own Lego is all around me these days.
My old Lego is here, but also a lot of new Lego from my kids.
I already noticed that the faces these new mini figures have are far more detailed than when I was a kid back in the 80s.
Actually, these faces are so good, so simple and have so much expression.
I decided that I needed to learn facial expressions from Lego.

So I did a Google search to see if I could find a lot of Lego heads with different expressions.
And I did, I found them.
I found a lot.
So here we go.

There is a big difference between just looking at these Lego faces and drawing all Lego faces yourself.
This is what I learned:

  • there are a lot of the same base elements
  • the difference is in the details
  • it looks so simple, that’s what’s making it so good
  • no nose is used or needed to have all these expressions
  • there are just a few elements that are important for the basic expressions
  • the rest is mostly for creating the character
  • Lego is using a chin in there faces. I still don’t know if that makes a big difference in the emotion.

Well, that’s great.
I already use these sketches as a reference when making my own webcomic.

There are just a few things left.
I would also:

  • have another look at the Lego movies
  • create my own Lego reference sheet with faces categorized by emotion
  • like to take Lego as an example to learn to draw simple but really good clothes

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